Feature Wall Carpentry

We have vast experience in constructing various kinds of feature wall carpentry. Feature walls play a role in calling attention to the visual centerpiece in your living room. Our carpentry service in Singapore provide various types of texture and finish, from understated wall-mounted shelves to elegant glossy console cum feature walls. Some of our feature wall carpentry designs also contain hidden storage compartments that seamlessly blend into the TV console.

carpentry singapore feature wall

TV Console

A television console is naturally the heart of the hall. We build practical and useful consoles display to store your entertainment sets as well as to add delight to your home. Our solutions are borne of out our clients’ specific requirements, and we try to construct it functionally and aesthetically. For a choice of TV console, we are able to construct either wall-mounted or ceiling hung types.

Singapore Direct Factory Price Estimate Feature wall for mounting of TV from $20 per foot run. Wall cladding of home bomb shelter with tic-tac door from $22 per foot run. TV console with drawers from from $110 per foot run.