Commercial Plumbing Singapore

We provide affordable professional same day licensed plumbing services for HDB, Condos Apartments & Landed in Singapore. We are proficient at solving leakages, burst pipes to toilets choke 24/7.


Our Plumbers has been working in the commercial plumbing Singapore sector for several years and have built relations with clients in both industrial, residential and commercial sector. At Renovation Review Direct Plumber, we understand the different requirements of industrial plumbing, commercial plumbing and residential plumbing. Therefore, our plumbers are trained to provide variety of services according to the unique needs and demands of our customers. Although, it is believed that plumbing sector does not have much innovation but at Recommended Plumber Singapore we understand that any service can be innovated to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. To find out more about how we can fix plumbing of your commercial or industrial area please read below:

For large buildings and for industrial area the plumbing equipment is different. There might be plumbing installation for the entire area in one place, so we have trained our plumbers to fix the plumbing of such areas. Moreover, we have equipment to fix anything ranging from fixing small pipes to skewer problems of an industrial area or an apartment building. In order to provide timely and efficient services we have also formed partnerships with commercial plumbing contractors throughout Singapore so that we can provide services quickly and effectively.

We can be your trusted commercial plumbing contractors for any service you require. For example, in case of industrial plumbing or commercial plumbing you could need a long-term commercial plumbing contractor who can take care of everything you need from installation of plumbing to fixing it in case of a problem, and our trustworthy services are what you need in that case. For example, if you have a broken sewer system you could have unsafe and unhygienic working conditions but with Commercial Plumber Singapore you don’t need to worry anymore because our plumbers will fix everything so that your employees, customers, guests or tenants can live without any problem.

We are here to help you so if you believe that you have a plumbing problem that you don’t understand then give us a call and our team will help you in no time.