Epic Enviro-Care Pte Ltd is an established pest control company registered with National Environment Agency (NEA). Our staff are professionally trained and certified and are also equipped with the relevant experiences and knowledge to provide all pest control and management related services. We pride ourselves on being a specialist in pest care to provide a comprehensive range of services to help create a safe and enjoyable environment for our clients and their loved ones.

EPIC ENVIRO-CARE Pte Ltd is an established one-stop provider of pest control, fumigation (Methyl Bromide/PH3/ISPM 15), Bird Control, Soil Treatment, and landscaping Services

In our mission “Protecting Lives & Properties”, we have been constantly evolving to stay relevant and responsive by using the latest most-advanced technology and effective Green Approach in achieving customer satisfaction.

At Epic Enviro-Care, we always put our clients first. We listen to your needs and recommend what the best for your individual situation is. We understand your unique requirements and will tailor solutions to fix your problems.

The management team with extensive industry knowledge and the exceptional technical expertise of our NEA-trained and certified service technicians will deliver professional, customised, cutting-edge solutions to suit the diverse needs of the general public.

Our Range Of Services  

  • General pest control and management for residential, commercial and industrial properties includes the extermination and control of cockroaches, rodents, ants, mosquitoes, subterranean termites or white ants, bed bugs, houseflies, fleas, ticks, bees, hornets etc.
  • Bird Control services using the best bird products and proven methods to solve pigeon, crow, mynah and starling problems.
  • Fumigation of ships, commodities, artifacts, books, furniture, musical instruments, antique, aquatic plants, cut flowers etc. including ISPM 15 fumigation of wood packaging material used in international trade.


  • Cockroaches control
  • Ants control
  • Rodents/Rats control
  • Termites/White ants Control
  • Snakes control
  • Birds control
  • Flies/Fleas/Ticks control
  • Bed Bugs control
  • Bees control
  • Soil control

Our Technicians are highly reliable, professional and experienced in executing their jobs. They have undergone to perform thousands of commercial, industrial and domestic pest control jobs serving a large cross-section of clientele throughout Singapore.


Pest should be controlled for 3 main reasons

  • They spread diseases
  • Wastage of food. They eat our food, contaminating them, thus have to be thrown away
  • They cause damage to properties

We are a registered Vector Control Operator with the National Environment Agency. Our professionally trained staff offer prompt and reliable services with an emphasis on being responsible to the environment without compromising results for our customers.

Fumigation Services   

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation is a form of total pest extermination which is odourless and totally residue free. The process of fumigation involves the placement of a fumigant (an insecticide in gaseous form) within an enclosed space for the destruction of insects and other pest organisms and their eggs. The process takes 24 hours which allows you to collect your valuables only a day after. Every treated item will be thoroughly ventilated and instrument-tested to be gas-insecticide free before returning to owners. This ensures absolute safety. Incidentally, the rice you eat and the coffee you drink could have been fumigated by us in the same manner.

Why Fumigate?

Memorabilia from the past are indeed treasures to be preserved and enjoyed by you and your descendants. They may include grandma’s collection of rare books, your dad’s valuable stamp collection and the precious violin your uncle left behind. Regretfully, some of them are threatened with serious defacement or damage by wood boring and related insects (drywood termites, powder post beetles, silver fish etc) if they are not regularly inspected and fumigated whenever signs of infestation appear.  Anything that attracts insect infestation eg, antiques, carpets, piano, paintings, books etc can be saved through fumigation.

Licence to Fumigate

Our professional team of fumigators are duly licensed by the National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) to perform fumigation by means of Methyl Bromide, Hydrogen Phosphide (Phostoxin) and Hydrogen Cyanide. We are also accredited by Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to perform ISPM 15 fumigation for wood packaging material used in international trade. Our treatment specifications are guided by standards laid down by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Australia (AQIS/ICON). Our certificates are being accepted worldwide.

Our range of services

  • General commodities fumigation (Land & Sea) for the eradication of stored product pests in commodities to meet the quarantine requirements of importing countries.
  • ISPM 15 fumigation. The World Trade Organization-Initiated fumigation is designed to exterminate forestry/plant pests in wood packaging material used in international trade for the protection of natural, cultivated and urban forests across national boundaries. Wood packaging material includes crates and pallets.
  • Personal items fumigation. For domestic needs, we collect and deliver manageable items for fumigation within our chamber which can accommodate pianos, organs, furniture, antiques, books etc all at competitive prices.

Why choose us?

Our large pool of government-licensed fumigators allow us to perform large-scale fumigation of export commodities, containers, ships, cut flowers, aquatic plants etc at multiple locations throughout Singapore to meet stringent quarantine requirements of importer countries. Our fumigation certificates are accepted worldwide including countries like Australia, Japan, China, United States and New Zealand.
Our fumigation chamber allow fumigation to be carried out effectively, safely and economically. Our specially designed fumigation chamber built to gas tightness standards, also incorporates an efficient system for dispensing and circulating the fumigant. This ensures the fumigant is distributed evenly throughout the chamber for achieving satisfactory results. Also, at the end of a treatment, the fumigant vapors are completely removed by means of an efficient exhaust system making possible the safe handling of the fumigated products.



Leave your pests problems to us

Our wide range of pest management service programs are designed to prevent your property from being invaded by pests. Let us tailor-make a program to solve your existing pest problems in your property as well as prevent future problems. Our administrative and field staff are well trained and efficient to provide top quality pest control and management services for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. We guarantee to solve all your pests issues immediately.



Our Address:

95 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 #03-00, Shun Li Industrial Park Singapore





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