IKARI Services Singapore was established in December 1976 and specializes in Pest, Odour and Fungi/Bacterial Control Services. As one of the leadings players among other pest control companies, all members of the IKARI Service Team are trained and experienced in their field of expertise.

IKARI Environmental Group was founded in Japan in 1959. The name “IKARI” or anchor in Japanese represents the thought of the Group‘s founder, Mr. Keijiro Kurosawa, to prevent the epidemics at the shoreline.

The Group has eight companies in Japan that specialize in every field of environmental hygiene and sanitation. It has ninety branches in Japan and an established overseas network in eight Asian territories, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Saipan.

The Group employs some 700 people. The core activities encompass Biotechnology, Clean Air, Water Purification, Waste Management, Intelligent Building, Disease Protection and Pest Control Management.

IKARI Services Singapore was established in December 1976 and specializes in Pest, Odour and Fungi/Bacterial Control Services. As one of the leading players among other pest control companies, all members of the IKARI Service Team are trained and experienced in their field of expertise.

In line with the Group’s purpose of “Creating an Environmental Culture”, the company focuses on adopting an environmental approach of providing it’s services safely and efficiently to promote a healthy living for better life and environment. It is committed to provide clients with the finest quality services. It also uses its the experience and resources accumulated by the Group to expand and develop a wider range of quality services to it’s clients both in Singapore and regionally.



How We Work : Our Award Winning Methodology

Similar to a doctor’s approach, we want to understand the environment you are in, your routine habits, key issues & requirements before tailoring the most appropriate solution for you.

Step 1 : Diagnose the Problem

Thorough check of the premises to diagnose the root causes of the pest problems. Depending on the complexity of the situation, this process could be a simple data gathering exercise over the phone, a site visit or a complex one which involves in-depth interviews with different stakeholders.

We Identify and gather information such as species, population size and area of activity

Step 2 : Design the Solutions

To clearly identify the pests in question, level of infestation and design a targeted solution around the needs of our clients and best suited for the environment that they are in.

We design treatment programmes and recommendations that is best for our clients.

Step 3 : Cleanse to Reduce Infestation

An intensive programme targeted at reducing and ultimately, controlling the pest infestation. This process could range from over 1 week to 6 months depending on the type of infestation and premises in question.

We target the breeding source and use chemicals responsibly as it is the effective and the long-term solution.

Step 4 : Maintain to control the situation

After the infestation is under control, we will stick to a routine treatment schedule tailored to our clients’ needs to ensure we maintain the environment in tip-top condition.

We do constant monitoring, trend analysis frequently conduct regular reviews and meetings as well as producing periodic reports

Step 5 : Training to pass Knowledge

To educate and equip our clients on daily best practises in order to prevent the pest infestation to re-occur. Will also pass on essential knowledge on key pest hotspots to keep a look out for and warning signs not to be ignored.

Our initiatives includes regular newsletters, industry updates, expert seminars & regular electronic mailers.

What you don’t see can kill you!

Unseen tiny pests and invisible air pollution can cause substantial damage to both your property and your health!


Most common fungi (Molds) are known to be harmful to both man and animals. They can cause infections and allergic reactions and the toxins produced by them could also cause deterioration to living materials. Though fungi are not easily visible, their presence can cause gross contamination of the atmosphere especially in an enclosed environment.

Benefits of Anti-Fungal Control :

  • Reduced health hazard : Due to the exposure of fungus which causes eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, dizziness and fatigue as well as extreme allergic reaction.
  • Prevention of economic loss :Deterioration of building materials, food contamination.
  • Improved air quality : Fungus produces musty odor.
  • Improved hygiene and sanitation : Fungus growths stained surfaces of materials resulting in dirty appearance.
Ikari Anti-Fungus (AF) System makes use of its unique anti-fungal technology developed by our Japan research laboratory. The sources of fungal production are identified and destroyed immediately to prevent further spreading. The work process includes:1. Pre-examination For Fungal Contamination
  • Sampling of fungi by “Swab Method”
  • Incubation, isolation and identification of fungi
  • Anti-fungal activity tests
  • Selection of appropriate anti-fungal materials
  • Report submission
2. Implementation of AF System
  • Disinfecting
  • Strip off and clean up fungus-infested areas
  • Apply disinfectant
  • Coating with anti-fungus materials
3. Follow-Up & Post Examination For Fungal Growth
  • The sources of your fungus infestation problem; and
  • The most effective ways to eliminate them from your premises


  • Hotels
  • Residential Premises
  • Schools
  • Food Factories
  • Satellite Dish
  • Child-Care Centres


Ikari Odour Control System makes use of natural organic neutralizers to convert foul and potentially harmful gases into non-odourous by-products. It features:

  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Lasting effects
  • Not a masking agent
  • Cost Effective
  • Neutralizers approved by the National Environment Agency

It is environmentally friendly as the neutralizers are water-based, non-toxic and biodegradable compounds. It is effective against a wide range of odours including:

  • Ammonia
  • Amines
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Mercaptans
  • Natural Complex organic composites, e.g. cigarette, urine & vomit odours
  • Organic & inorganic industrial by-products
  • Solvents

When you have an odour problem, our trained Service Engineer and Technicians will assess the situation to determine:

  • The appropriate method of system delivery; and
  • Precise calibration of contact time and correct atomization of neutralizer with the odour agents

Ikari Odour Control System can be easily installed at:

  • Bin Centers
  • Ducted air-conditioners
  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Industrial plants of all kinds
  • Oil refineries
  • Processing plants
  • Waste water & sewerage treatment plant

Pioneering in IPM

Ikari Pest Control places special emphasis on health and safety and protection of our environment in all its activities.

IKARI adopts a multi-prong approach known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to solve your pest problems. It emphasizes on source reduction and elimination to prevent pest breeding (such as bed bug and termite infestation). It combines the following measures:

  • Environmental control
  • Mechanical control
  • Biological control
  • Chemical control
  • Advice & consultation

Chemical control is used, (ex. in bed bug, rodent, and termite control) only to quickly reduce or eliminate pest infestation. This is followed up with non-chemical control measures, which involves installing monitoring devices to monitor the pest situation in your premises, which is part of our pest control services.

IKARI Pest Control programme in food establishments is compliant with the requirements of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Management Practice (GMP).

Besides common pests, in addition, we offer pest control for other occasional invaders, such as:

Booklice, centipedes, millipedes, pest birds (e.g. crows, mynahs & pigeons), shrews, silverfish, snakes, spiders, ticks and stored product insect pests.


“Imagine, as your customers indulge in their food, a live cockroach runs out from under the table and over the dish!”

This scenario alone is cause for the Health Authorities to shut down your restaurant instantly!

Tiny as they may be, having pests in your premises can have disastrous consequences for your business. Once your reputation is ruined, you will have lost your customers and your business forever.

Trusted Since 1976 : You Can Count on IKARI

Increase Your Profits and Lower Your Costs

Avoid business disruption with IKARI. We design innovative low-toxic pest control methodologies which are human-safe to effectively eliminate pests in your restaurant without the need to close your business for days.

Food Factories : Make sure you pass spot health checks!

“1 pair of cockroaches will increase to 6,000 cockroaches in 20 weeks!“

“If you ever see a rat scurrying away in your factory, your premise might be home to 100 – 350 rats!”

Trusted Since 1976 : You Can Count on IKARI

Ensure that Your Food Production is Not Contaminated

IKARI is the trusted choice for a human-safe, low-toxic and eco-friendly approach in designing a pest control strategy that meets the HACCP standards. Documents for audit will also be prepared for you with every visit.


re You Exposing Your Family to Deadly Chemicals?

The fumes and chemicals of many pest control treatments are highly toxic; if the wrong methods are used, poisonous residue stays on the surfaces of your furniture long after the treatment is done

Trusted Since 1976 : You Can Count on IKARI

Ensuring the Highest Standard of Cleanliness, Hygiene and Safety

With more than 4 decades of experience in the sensitive and challenging F&B industry, IKARI has the expertise and uses the latest technology resulting in a low-toxic approach and almost natural pest control solution that is human-safe and pet friendly.


Our Address:

625 Aljunied Road, #03-07 Aljunied Industrial Complex Singapore 389836







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Amber Quek, jUL 2017 August 17, 2017 11:02 am
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The technicians were very professional in their work and have good knowledge in stored product pests to resolve cigarette beetles in my kitchen.