Integra D’sign Pte Ltd  is the foremost holistic business- focused interior solution group in Singapore.

Integra D’sign Provides Interior building solutions from conceptualization of designs to final construction and Implementation.

At Integra D’sign we believe in providing design solutions, excellent services and quality workmanship.


& Services:

* Corporate Facility Planning
* Interior Design and Concept Development
* Engineering and IT Coordination
* Project Management
* Mechanical and Engineering Works
* Customized Carpentry
* Quality Assurance
* Reinstatement Works
* Post Construction Maintenance


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69 Tanjong Rhu Rd Singapore



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justiceprevails Posted on January 2017 June 2, 2017 10:36 am
Value For Money
Design (Applicable for Interior Designers)
Experience & Professionlism

Please help to SHARE this post if you know of someone who had similar experience with this contractor.

This contractor, Mr Devon Teng Kok Eng, S73XXXXXC, of Integra D’sign Pte Ltd has collected $44690 from me, but had delivered only 50% of the amount paid. His works are largely defective, dangerous and incomplete. He goes by the name Carvin on Line chat and has another company called Deetrend D’sign Pte Ltd. He does not have a factory for carpentry. Does all the wood work at your apartment and has only a tiny table space at warehouses in Toh Guan and Kaki Bukit. He speaks very well and promises to deliver premium works for premium charge. And has a PhD from Sheffield Hallam University.

He brags that his company has the expertise to cover end-to-end works. But in fact, he had only been hiring unskilled part-time workers who does patchy work. That is why he needed to have access to the apartment at all times of the day (even at midnight) cos whenever he finds a slot for the workers, he will take them to the apartment. There are no dedicated workers in the project.

I had unknowingly engaged his service because he was a friend’s friend. But after all that he had done, he is currently on the run, not responding to my whatsapp, SMS and emails. And playing delay tactics with CASE.

I have long gone beyond the traumatised period. Was truly shakened and disturbed when he hacked three(3) of my floor tiles from my apartment in an attempt to press for further payment – even though $44690 had already been collected at that point in time. It has always been his tactic to press for further payment when works are not done. And if I don’t pay, work will be further delayed. That was how a total of $44690 was given. And it seems that I was always held at ransom. The last straw came when he hacked the tiles and removed the replacement tiles from my apartment, lying that the tilers had kept them and refused to return until I pay.

But to sum it all, here are some of the highly defective and dangerous works he had delivered:

slopping cove light holders that are on the verge of collapsing
crooked and dislodged light and power points (this is very basic, isn’t it? I feel like stepping into Alice in Wonderland when I step into my apartment)
concealed wires thrown into the walls without tubing and
incomplete cabinets with broken laminates
Other unethical things he did:

creating ruckus in my estate (not abiding to disposal regulations)
visiting my apartment at wee hours of the night (sometimes for reno works, sometimes not)
posting pictures that I sent him as reference and passing them off as his company’s work (I have sent him numerous warnings to request for him to take down the pictures but he refused).

He has truly given me h*** the past few months and I truly do not wish for anyone to be in the same situation.

Please get in touch with me if you had similar encounters with him.

The police needs more people to step forward to investigate him under fraud, cheat and as a confidence trickster. This person MUST BE brought for investigation to prevent others from being harmed. Being a first-time home owner, this is truly truly traumatic.