Nam Soon Decking Pte Ltd is the nationwide acclaimed installer of Outdoor Timber Decking, Trellises and Fences.

Nam Soon is proud to announce that we are the FIRST SINGAPOREAN TIMBER DECKING Company that received a PATENT for our timber deck installation system from Republic of Singapore.

The Patent Act (Chapter 221), and Certificate Issued under Section 35.
Title: A Timber Deck System, An assembly for installing the timber deck system and method for assembling the timber deck
Application Number: 2013083670

Our NEW and INNOVATIVE installation method has been proven to increase the durability of our installed timber decks by up to 30% with a minimal cost.

Timber Decking – Residential/Commercial

Timber decking adds value and sophistication to your home/property. It enhances and cultivates the way of life by creating sustainable living spaces.

Selecting the right installer is crucial, as you can count on them to create a durable and stable decking platform for your family’s safety and enjoyment.

Why is Nam Soon Timber widely regarded as the leading choice in Singapore for timber decking?


In-House Installation Team

  •  Every carpenter and worker is employed under our company permit
  •  No sub-contractor use
  •  Able to deliver projects with accuracy and timeliness


Quality Control

  •  Storage of own timber stock in more than 10,000 ft2 of warehouse space in both Tuas and Mandai
  •  Timber planks are cut from logs of at least 900mm in diameter (at least more 40-60 years of age)
  •  Use of timber planks with chamfered round edges to give a comfortable feel while walking on the deck
  •  Use of prefinished and sanded timber planks to prevent splintering and rough surfaces



  •  Timber are imported from credible and sustainable sources in Malaysia and Indonesia
  •  Timber comes with green and sustainable certifications such as SVLK, PEFC, FSC


Elevated using NST Patented Installation System

  •  Provides strength for heavier loads
  •  Provides better air and water ventilation (prevents breeding of Aedes mosquitoes)
  •  Increased longevity of the deck

Timber Decking – Maintenance

Timber decking is a long term investment, and like many other natural products, they require proper care and maintenance to ensure the best performance and enjoyment.

Throughout the years, Nam Soon Timber has helped many home and business owners inject a new life into their timber decking with our expertise and experience.

Common problems that many property owners face with their timber decking:

  •  Deck is left exposed (unvarnished) and unmaintained for long periods of time, causing the timber to degrade from brown to grey. Without the protection of wood stain, the fibres tend to absorb moisture easily which in turn accelerates decomposition.
  •  Original contractor have done a shabby job during their point of installation, resulting in deck structural failure in less than 5 years.
  •  Original contractor’s recommendations and usage of their unproven and untested wood products.
  •  Original contractor’s inability to uphold the impractical manufacturer warranties of their wood products.
  • Nam Soon has a team of experienced engineers and carpenters (collectively known as NSmen), whom possess detailed knowledge of all timber products. We are able to execute repairs for a small portion of the timber deck.
  • Timber Decking – Schools

    Timber decking in high traffics such as schools and playgrounds is a challenge where safety is a major concern. Decking are required to be durable, easy to maintain and most important will not pose a hazard to playing children.

    Nam Soon had designed and developed a new patent timber installation to ensure stability and durability of the deck to meet the inclusivity safety requirements of the National University of Singapore and Polytechnics.

    Natural decking has the lowest embodied energy of any mainstream building materials and is a managed and sustainable material, enhancing the environmental credentials of the projects.

Timber Decking – National Parks

Singapore is a green city, and the government is promoting and connecting more public parks together. Talking about parks, there is always rustic timber broadwalk / bridges to compliment the nature outlook that a park affords.

Nam Soon Timber/ Decking is able to provide *GREEN and *Environmental friendly natural timber, which comes with different specifications/dimensions of the timber cater for such the high human traffic area and stringent National Park requirements.

With our state of the art technologies from Germany, we are able to customize our natural timber to tailor made any design required by the Landscape Consultants / Clients.

We efficiently display such this combination of both Workmanship and Technology in our one of projects @ BISHAN PARK 2012.

*Comes with FSC , PEFC (Sustainable Certification Schemes)






Our Address:

7 Mandai Link #03-28 Singapore





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Jessie Blogger, Nov 2016 July 22, 2017 5:33 am
Value For Money
Design (Applicable for Interior Designers)
Experience & Professionlism

Nam Soon Decking has been around since the 80s. I am very impressed with the professionalism of the way Nam Soon had done the decking. They definitely know what they are doing. The gap between the planks are merely not visible with only 2 – 3 mm gap.

Although I did the decking more for safety reasons to avoid falling but I didn’t expect aesthetically it came out so much nicer than I imagined.