Uber Design House Founder and Design Director, Max Tay came from a background in the construction industry. Although art and designing had always been his passion, he started his career as a humble site foreman in construction sites minding armies of foreign workers and tradesmen, he worked his way up to the upper management level all the while studying for and eventually gaining his Degree in Construction Management and Economy from Curtin University of Technology. He has successfully project managed major construction projects for schools, industrial factories, condominiums and army camps.

In 2004, with 10 years of valuable construction experience already under his belt, Max realised that his heart had never left his passion for designing and creating. If anything, the yearning to embark on a career in designing and creating had only grown ever stronger. So it was that late in 2004, he left the construction industry and began working sales for an Interior Designing firm. His keen eye for design coupled with his strong foundation in construction methodology proved invaluable and in no time, it gained him a string of appreciative clients. Having managed mega-projects with hundreds of different trades, it was easy for him to keep renovation schedules under control.

Being a self-taught designer, Max is not restricted by rigid design principals and philosophies. In fact, he credits some of his more unconventional creation to this very fact. It was extremely easy for him to think out of the box because he was never in the box to begin with!

Max started UBERDESIGNHOUSE in 2007 because he wanted to have more control over his creations. Right from the start, the company was a labour of love. Churning out hundreds of unique layouts and designs into the nights eventually paid off and it wasn’t long before the company became synonymous with creative and innovative designs that speak to their users and occupants. It has always been the company’s guiding philosophy that Good Design Adapts to the Needs of the Users.

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Shammer, Mar 2017 June 1, 2017 9:45 am
Value For Money
Design (Applicable for Interior Designers)
Experience & Professionlism

Hi Urban Design,
I would like to give a review on one of your Interior Designers (Chris Choo). Before sourcing for ID’s we got a few quotations from different companies. Through the quotations we decide to proceed with the one provided by Chris.

Firstly, the reason we chose him as our ID, were solely due to reviews my wife and i have read online. Reviews given were mostly on how he assisted his clients on keeping their budget and giving ideas for their renovation.

Now, from our own personal experience working with Chris throughout our renovation. Chris is overall a person that is pleasent to talk to and also, is able to compromise with our ideas with the ideas he has for our unit. The advices he gave to us are with rationale. When it is time for us to make choices on the materials, Chris is very patient with us He gave us time to think through on the choices we made and did not rush us into things. We make him change the 3D design 3 times before proceeding with the reno.

However, to err is human. There were some issues along the way that we have.

1) In the package we took, all the hinges are suppose to be BLUM but the carpentry used EXCEL instead.
2) The vinyl flooring at the main door was slightly high thus causing our main wooden door to wedge against the floor thus causing it to be open and unable to close.
3) citygas pipings were slanted and after calling city gas to amend the installations were failures.( chris did well in this and managed to get the things done for us)

These are the major setbacks that we recall. We both are glad that our ID was quick to inform and rectify on these shortcomings and did not leave us hanging. Which is very important to both of us. Thank you Chris.

At the end of our renovation, my wife and i are very happy on how everything turmed out to be. But we hope Urban Design would look into a better handover experience to customers by including a small token of appreciation besides certificate to customers for engaging them like how other companies did like some were just a jar of cookies. For me, this action speaks alot on the company wanting to maintain rapport with the clients.

All in all, we would rate Urban Design company as 4/5.

Chris is highly recomended to engage as an ID as he is a very down to earth person and easy to communicate with. Very prompt in his replies and fast to inform us on any short comings of the reno.

Shammer and Nur Izfa