UNI SHADES PTE LTD is established in 2013, to provide a wide variety of Roofing solutions, such as Awning, Shades, Shelter & Retractable Awning etc. Our installation aim to block out sun-glare and rain, create water free area, provide a cool and comfortable enviroment.

We have a team of highly experienced and well-trained personnel who are equivalent to ‘Specialists’ in the industry.

Our promises to you as a valuable client are;

  • Professional consultancy service
  • Customer service oriented personnel
  • Competitive price assurance
  • High quality installation
  • Excellent after-sales service

Above all,UNI SHADES PTE LTD is reliable and trustworthy for jobs entrusted to us. We, are your chosen one for new and returning jobs.


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Tay November 7, 2018 10:30 am
Value For Money
Design (Applicable for Interior Designers)
Experience & Professionlism

Just to share my experience with Bob from Uni Shades Pte Ltd should you be looking to engage his services.

I was looking to install shade and blinds at my balcony. Agreed on quotation, signed the quotation agreement and fixed the Installation Date. Even checked and confirmed ith him that 40% deposit is to be paid on Installation Date. As discussed (at the advise of MA) and agreed, he will do the approval submission.

Few days before the Installation Date, Bob said cannot do on the day and need to reschedule because I did not do the approval submission. Told him that he agreed to do the submission and not me. He said sorry miscommunication and will do it.

After it no sound no pic from him. I had to chase him. He said he thought I did not want to do it anymore and did not do anything at all. Finally we agreed on a new Installation Date 7 Nov.

On 29 Oct he messaged to ask me to transfer an amount as deposit payment. I asked him: –
1) Why the amount is more than the 40% indicated in contract, and
2) Why in advance when he confirmed previously it is to be paid on Installation Date.

No sound no pic as usual. 2 days later, I.e. 31 Oct, he messaged me saying he is not taking up my job due to personal reason.

I called him to ask why. He just said sorry, personal reason, blah blah. Then he said because I did not pay him the deposit. When I told him we have a contract he said what contract what contract?

Shortly I called MA to check whether he did the submission. Guess what? MA said there is no submission at all!

When I asked him, he said drawing is ready for submission but no deposit (he think he can get the approval within 1 week?!) and he’s doing me a favour as i should be the one doing the submission and not him.

I have no comment on his work quality as I have not seen it. But the attitude and service really cannot. Doesn’t honour his words and promise!

Just my own experience.

Reno Guru June 29, 2017 2:48 am
Value For Money
Design (Applicable for Interior Designers)
Experience & Professionlism