At Voilà, we look at who you are,
what you do, how you work and live…
every detail is important to us.

Applying this privileged knowledge and understanding, we put function and form together,
transforming your home, office or retail shop into a space of individuality,
asserting your very quintessential self.

From conception to execution, our team is able to seamlessly integrate all processes and all people,
ensuring on time delivery with the best quality to match.
Our after-sales service gives you that necessary peace of mind.

At the end of the journey, looking back,
it is always a pleasant surprise, a revelation and a wonderment at the new creation,
which can only be captured in the French whimsical expression,

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starlight8078 Posted on January 2017 June 2, 2017 11:34 am
Value For Money
Design (Applicable for Interior Designers)
Experience & Professionlism

We have engaged Voila for our hse reno last yr and it was horrible experience. We have talked to few IDs and we made the decision based on cost and general good feeling towards the ID from Voila.

We have started our reno on 3-May-15 and we have told the ID that we need to move in by mid-July. This gave him 10 weeks to work on our hse. First few weeks passed by with little jobs being done, mainly on plastering and electrical wiring. By 1st week of June, we were getting worried with the progress. The ID has came to the job site less than 5 times during this period to check. We have done most of the update to him instead. We were promised that wet works will start on 1st week of June but by mid-June, not a single tile was laid. We kept on pushing him with daily whatapp msgs and finally we saw the tiles were being laid. However, there were so many jobs left over to be done within the last 4 weeks. We were looking for assurance from the ID on daily basis that we were able to move in by mid-July. Finally, all the jobs were being rushed to completion and quality of works no longer first priority to the ID. On the night before we supposed to move in, we were left with a dirty hse with so many things to touch up. We even have electricians and tilers came in the morning of our move-in day!!

Last straw for us was recently when we have requested for his electrician to come and fix the wiring connection of our baking oven. We have asked the oven serviceman to check and he mentioned that the wiring and connector have to check and change. So we asked the ID to arrange his electrician and he said the appt was 1 week ltr. So we waited for 1 week and on the day before appt, we reminded him and guess what, he came out with all sort of excuses to push away the responsibility. Nobody came on the day of appt and we have to pay outside electrician to replace the multi connector as the connector used was sub-standard and not properly connected.


When we signed the agreement, we requested for 3D drawings. The drawings were seems like “cut & paste” works, nothing resembling our new hse. We feedback to our ID and we knew that they were done by his in-house drafter. No proper communication btw the 2 resulted in we gave up on relying on 3D drawing.


Overall, we felt aggrieved and frustrated by the services rendered by Voila and the ID, in particular, with the money we spent and the 10 weeks time frame we gave. The ID gave all sorts of reason for the delay, from his contractor motorcycle broke down, stuck in Malaysia and cannot came out, his contractor sick, to himself being sick or fell down on other job sites.