Waikite | Convert your bed to luxury resort in sec

Anti-bacterial, odourless pillow supplied to major 5 stars hotels and resorts around the world.

Blending luxury and affordability, inspired by the Japan’s experience. Starting with Waikite (Japanese expression of – This is living), my dream of living the 5-star experience anywhere is now a reality but minus the exaggerated price tag.

No matter how the day went, it could easily turn sour if you go home to the wrong pillow. The pillow is one of the most important accessory to help us sleep better. After all, it keeps us comfortable and it is a direct pathway to a sweet slumber.

Pillows are often side-tracked and people forget they are not just an additional accessory to a bed but rather a pillow is the cherry on top of the icing. Why not bring home the comfort we thought we could only get from 5-star hotels to yourself and your family?

The right pillow

Think about it, you sleep on the same pillow every single night. Whatever you do, you come home and desire a good night’s sleep. However, when it comes to buying the right one, we’re still in a dilemma.

Cheap pillows tend to wear down after few sleeps. Even if you are willing to spend more, unfamiliar features and a wide spectrum of prices can make the options overwhelming. Finding the right pillow can be a frustrating experience but we can change that for you.

Besides, it is unable to accommodate all the different kinds of consumers. The foam could have an unbearable chemical smell or even uncomfortable. These inconveniences are something that we are forced to deal with and this have led us to create the ultimate pillow inspired from international 5 star hotels. It will certainly meet and match your expectations.

Say hello to Waikite Pillow

This is where Waikite Pillow comes in. Anti-bacterial, odourless, firm and premium 5-star hotel pillow for your own home.

After having studied hundreds of customer feedbacks, fabrics and types of pillows – we have created the ultimate one. We already know that international 5-star hotels’ pillows are still better than all the high tech pillows in the market. So we combined luxury with traditional materials and infused both world into one pillow.

Allow great craftsmanship to change your lives. Natural Cotton best for your skin, no chemical smell, breathable, anti-bacterial, direct machine washable, luxurious, firm & self adjustable for your own sleeping preference.

Traditional craftsmanship & premium features

Using traditional craftsmanship that goes well with 100% natural cotton balls, the craft ensures to protect the fibre from being destroyed while maintaining superior quality.

In modern luxurious hotel, the bed sheets are made of organic fabric. This is why we can sleep bare skin and feel so comfortable. We are inspired by the concept of fine experience and so the name ‘Waikite” a Japanese expression which means “THIS IS LIVING” is created.

  • No more invisible danger
  • Luxury sensation
  • No more neck pain
  • Quality lifestyle
  • No headache
  • Great for lifestyle
  • No more muscle pain
  • Suitable for any sleep position
  • Safe for your love ones

Inspired by your fine taste in life, from the craftsmanship and design to the quality of sleep yielded.

People with allergies no longer need to compromise with comfort as Waikite Pillow has used LENBING ANTIBACTERIAL TECHNOLOGY. This ensures that it is anti-bacterial. Feel secure when you lie on a Waikite Pillow.

Composed of 100% natural cotton fibre stitched by traditional 133*100 high density stitching. The classic & 3d stitching style we used is premium weaving unlike rival brands that uses low-grade sewing.

The look and feel of a pillow highly depends on the quality of cotton used. Most pillows are made of synthetic or inferior cotton in order to compromise with the cost but also making it uncomfortable to lay on. We only use traditional 100% natural cotton ball and we don’t believe in compromising!

Unlike synthetic, it’s better for the skin and even easier to wash! Along with high density stitching, Waikite is better for your skin as it is breathable and hygienic – long lasting even when machine washed multiple times.

Waikite pillow is made of allergen free synthetic spiral fibre that has great plush support that pleases all.

Specially selected high elastic micro-fibre (spiral fibre) has very good ventilation and elasticity. This prevents heat trapping and provide maximum comfort for you. When you lie on it, it feels really luxurious and yet remains firm enough for the contour of your head.

How long can you use it? Very long.

The ends of the pillows are stitched with classic finishing, reinforced with 3D seals. This is the standard for high end pillows and Waikite Pillow has it too, making sure you have only the best experience with us.

Using natural cotton means longer and more fibrous threads. These factors allow every pillow cover made from it to have high air circulation. It’s breathable that keeps you comfortable and cool throughout the night.

Waikite pillow is as natural as it is and it does not have any chemical smell. Together with the breathability, any foul smell automatically gone as well.

Each of us has a different body shape and mass. The universal solution is to allow user to adjust the firmness of the pillow by adding or reducing the micro fiber. User would be able to have the best pillow for themselves.


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