Wielan pte ltd established in Aircon Maintenance ,cleaning ,checking ,repair , installation and trouble shooting ,
Our company vision is Act Responsible and spare no effect.
Our business provides quality services and guarantee satisfaction for our customers .

  • Aircon Normal & Chemical Cleaning Repair & Installation Services
  • Smart Locks & Installation


Wielan aircon company has experience in full range of air conditioners servicing and maintaining in singapore, we service aircon units in hospital, commercial bank,office, homes and schools …
our professional technicians are equipped with aircon repair and trouble shooting skill and good customer service attitude.
To keep residential and commercial aircon outdoor and indoor aircon split unit in top performing conditions ,so make sure your aircon units, spare parts, compressor units are well maintained.
Before service any of aircon units, wielan technicians will conduct free aircon checking to ensure aircon split units and compressor units in good conditions as we known, inverter air conditioners
( Daikin , Mitsubishi Starmex , Panasonic, Toshiba) are more expensive than non-inverter air conditioners, however the spare parts of inverter aircon are also more experience than non-inverter aircon system.
any faulty spare part will cost you more, for regularly aircon servicing and maintaining, our aircon technicals and engineers are able to check and find out any potential problems in advance. For example, the
display lights are blinking for Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial, Mitsubishi Starmex and Fujitsu aircon system, Aircon Technicians and Engineers can find out the problems and solve the issue immediately to service your aircon .
Dirty blowers and filters of aircon fancoil need to regular servicing is essential. Water leaking and aircon not cold are common problems in singapore, drainage and ducts also need to be checked regularly.
Singapore aircon system need to be serviced regularly: every 3 to 6 months for HDB Residential aircon units, every 2 to 3 months for Commercial aircon system.
Our customer service team will contact aircon customers for feedback, all customers comments will improve our aircon technicians skill and also fulfill customers satisfaction.


Easy, fast and professional air conditioning repair service for commercial and residential house.
Wielan Air conditioner repair services from qualified professionals can identify the problem and have your system working perfectly again as soon as possible.
In Singapore Aircon units can break or fail for a wide variety of reasons. There may be something stuck in the system, a build-up of dirt or an electrical fault. Your faulty AC could also be due to worn-out filters, a broken condenser fan or a burnt-out compressor.
Whatever the cause of your broken AC, Wielan team here at Aircon Servicing Singapore have the tools and knowledge to provide the best Service.


We have expert, experienced air con repair engineers to solve the problem and fulfilled customers’ satifaction Our senior AC repair engineers have years of experience and undertake continual in-depth training courses provided by leading air conditioner manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Samsung. This extra knowledge allows our repair engineers to quickly determine the nature of any faults and repair your broken down air conditioner.


To repair your AC , First a technician will discuss the problems you’re having with you and then use diagnostic tools to precisely locate the issue. Once the fault has been found, Wielan Aircon technician will use their tools and spare parts to repair it and ensure it’s working effectively .Wielan technicians are highly qualified and experienced to provide professional aircon service.

In some cases that the problem can’t be fixed or if the cost of repairs will be higher than a new Aircon System, Better advise to replace a new AC System. This way you can still have a perfectly functioning air conditioning system in a reasonable price.

If your AC doesn’t have a fault but seems to be running inefficiently, we will conduct chemical wash and clean the outdoor unit to to improve condensor ‘performance.


Welcome to Wielan aircon service , we are a responsible aircon conditioner company in Singapore
Wielaner offers aircon installation ,serving and aircon upgrade air conditioner service ( replace the faulty aircon systems)
Most popular aircon installation services in Singapore for HDB Residential homes , so we suppy air conditioners produced by famous leading brands in aircon engery saving solutions.
Wielaner provides  air-con installation for all brands of air-con systems,including wall mounted aircon units, windown aircon units ,ceiling cassette air conditioner units and portable aircon units ceiling air conditioner are most installed in the living rooms and aircon split unit for bedrooms brands like daikin, Mitsubishi & Panasonic system 3 units are most common air conditioner system in singapore.
We service both cusomers who need install the new aircon for homes and commericial units.
We also provide the good quality aircon installation materials for full range of aircon brands. We send our aircon technicians to help you with replacing your old air con system.
Responsible action and the trust aircon installation company in Singapore.
Choose quality aircon installation team, choose Wielaner


Many channels and ways to find out the right airconditioners in singapore.

Full range of air conditions are availabe in wielan’s stock.

Daikin, Mitsubishi Starmex, Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial, Toshiba, Panasonic are famous selling brands.

When consumers who choose aircon brands, Engery saving are important factors to consider about.

Warranty and Quality of aircon system are also compared within bands , normally, daikin, mitsubishi starmex, toshiba, panasonic offer 5 years compressors warranty and 1 year spare part warranty for all indoor fancoils and outdoor unit.

Beside the brands of air conditioners systems, installation mateials are critical for home aircon system , the poor quality copper pipe and insulations can cause gas leaking after installation , the quality of wiring must be consider about due to its safety, Wielan provides quality brands wiring, Copper pipe, insulations for home aircon system installation, warranty for all installation mateials, it will be free of mind when customers choose Wielan aircon installation team.

Well trained Professinal aircon installator will visit customer’s place to check and advise customer how many installation materials needs to be prepared and where is the best location to fix the aircon indoor unit.

Wielaner will install and test Air conditioner inverter system (Daikin, Mitsubishi Starmex, Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial, Toshiba, panosonic) within one working day.


Wielan is your one stop station to remove all your air-conditioner hassle, such as cleaning, technical checking and maintenance. Furthermore, Wielan can provide a full package service for your office  air conditioners start from consultation which is the best suitable air-conditioner for your unique home to the installation and post regular service for your air-conditioners.

Wielan also can provide professional air-conditioner service for your business place. Our experienced technicians will offer the professional skills and technic to provide a higher performance and energy efficient air-conditioners.

Regular Optimisation Maintainance System (ROMS) is the first and the unique system Wielan created for all type of air-conditioners. Comparing with standard service, the customizable ROMS will bring a professional service for your air-conditioners. Your air-conditioners will always perform in the optimise conditions.


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