Fengshui | Chinese couples cannot escape old-wives superstition and customs especially as wedding bells draw near, so where should you begin? With our list of Singapore's best feng shui masters, you can be sure to turn any negatives in your lives into positives. Singapore based feng shui master who uses traditional fengshui and bazi reading principles with modern science that is effective in today's environment. Feng Shui Singapore brings a whole new concept and great experience in modern contemporary Feng Shui. Choose wisely! Singapore and Feng Shui: an ancient Chinese system of summoning good luck, balance and harmony – literally 'wind and water'.  Services: Feng Shui Office, Feng Shui For Property Buyer, Feng Shui Home Design. Bazi Reading, Change Fortune, Commercial Fengshui, Residential Fengshui.

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East Chen Consultancy

A friendly Professional Feng Shui and Bazi Consultancy which provides Commercial & Residential Services and Classes that showcase top grade only Crystals.