Kitchen & Bathroom Accessories | Singapore's one stop Bathroom Kitchen Solution center. Looking for bathroom accessories for your new home? Shop for Euro-style, German technology sanitary, toilet fittings exclusively from Singapore. In Singapore, we brings you great quality of bathroom fittings, design ideas & toilet accessories. Equip your bathroom and kitchen with affordable bidets, toilet bowls, bathtubs, taps and faucets in Singapore. Reno Review Kitchen & Bathroom Accessories suppliers has been committed in providing designer quality sanitary wares and bathroom accessories in Singapore with outstanding service.

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At Bathroom Warehouse, everything you need to create the perfect bathroom is housed under one roof. Do you require a design for your new bathroom, or do you wish to renovate and refurbish your worn-out ones? We have our in house technicians who are…

It was the late 1960s, and the landscape of Singapore was changing rapidly as the apartment complexes and factories of the modern era sprang up. Even as the country’s leaders were seeing the early fruits of their vision, the Tan Brothers were…