Laundry Rack & Systems. Manual Systems are designed to help you in organizing and drying your laundry load. Choose from our extensive Eco-friendly indoor and outdoor range. Our retractable laundry hanger system are designed to give users a hassle free experience and most importantly, a safe guard against accidents related. Steel push/pull and ceiling retractable laundry system in Singapore, no more rust stains on your clothes! Automated laundry system, the efforts needed to hang using a laundry drying rack laundry System.

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Faced with an ageing population and shrinking floor space area for new homes, Klassico International recognized the need to have practical laundry drying solutions for future homes. These systems should be convenient, easy to use, neat, space saving…

TAME PROMOTION SERVICES was established in 1989. With a total of 25 years working experience in laundry system. Our main businesses is to help customers to create a much more neater & spacious home. TAME’S laundry system are designed to suit…