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Do you lack the energy you once had? Are you suffering from headaches, fatigue, niggling health problems, unexplained aches and pains, poor digestion, constipation or skin problems? Are you conscious that your diet isn’t quite as good as it should be, and that you’ve hit the junk food, the bottle or a packet of cigarettes more often than you ought to? Do you seem to have put on weight squarely around your middle?
Perhaps you’ve been on long-term medication or a course of anti­biotics; perhaps you are aware that you overuse chemicals – for cleaning your home, personal hygiene and even washing your clothes. Do you spend a lot of time breathing in fumes from traffic? Do you regularly have your clothing dry-cleaned? Or do you live in a highly polluted area? Is water low on your list of favorite regular drinks? Are you aware that you don’t drink enough water, full stop?
All and any of these are compelling reasons why AOX is right for you. We are surrounded by toxins in daily life and it’s not surprising that they begin to have an impact on our overall health, affecting the organs in our bodies such as the liver, lungs, digestive system, skin and kidneys, that are designed to eliminate them. When our systems become compromised, toxins begin to build up and our bodies struggle to maintain balance. The result? Health problems, lack of energy, weight issues and a sluggish, stagnant system that affects our well-being on every level.
AOX is designed to spring-clean your body, restoring the blood cells to deliver oxygen and nutrients effectively. It helps to remove toxins that have been stored, kick-starting, supporting and cleansing the organs that are responsible for elimination and getting things moving so that every system is working efficiently.
And what can you expect as a result? Niggling health problems will vanish, and you’ll experience renewed energy and vigour; your skin will glow with good health and your body will begin to work effectively. If you are overweight, you can expect to lose some unwanted pounds, par­ticularly around the middle of your body, where they tend to be stored when your liver is under pressure and you have been burning the can­dle at both ends. Best of all, you’ll clear out debris, and that will leave your body feeling fresh and vital.
Whether you want a quick fix to undo some short-term damage, or something longer term to deep-clean a sluggish system and get it work­ing the way it should, AOX is for you and your family.


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Joann Tan, June 2016 July 14, 2017 6:46 am
Value For Money
Design (Applicable for Interior Designers)
Experience & Professionlism

To the management of AOX:
We need to feedback that your after sales service is really way below the minimum expectations. Our organisation purchased an AOX3000 machine in 2013. When we bought the machine, the sales person provided excellent customer service. Ever since. the machine has broken down 3 times thus far and whenever we called the service hotline, the staff will tell us impatiently that repair cannot be arranged on the day itself and they will call us back after checking the schedule. The whole entire office had to suffer for several days because of the slow response in service recovery.
Last week, the service guy was supposed to come on 1 June to change the filter. On the day itself, the service guy called at 6.30pm to inform us that his vehicle broke down and the office staff would call us back to arrange for another service date. He further told us that he was instructed to reach our offiec premise at 6pm+. First of all, is it considerate and acceptable to arrange for the service guy to come and change the filter out of office hours (without informing us)? Secondly, we waited for 3 working days and no one called us to arrange for an alternative service appointment date. When we called the after sales hotline today (6 June), the staff told us that they service guy will only come and change the filter after we have prepared the cheque payment.
This arrangement and policy is totally unacceptable and rigid! This is not a 1 time sales dealing that we are talking about. It is a machine that is supposed to last us for years and filter changes are going to happen on a regular interval basis.
This is totally a classic example of a ‘could’nt care less’ after sales attitude after the front-end sales deal is closed. We are absolutely disappointed with AOX.