Atelier stands for Excellence, Reliability and Innovation with Quality interior design providing clients with Peace of Mind. Though Atelier Concept might be a very young company compared to many, with experienced employees dedicated to offering professional services and equipped leaders at the helm, you can find all your solutions at Atelier Concept Pte Ltd, on any problems or doubts about your home or office.

Services provided for some 30 residential projects include ‘Timeless’ Aesthetic Interior Design; Additions & Alteration Construction; Furniture Design & Manufacturing; Strategic Space Planning; Office Systems; & Structural Builder and Kitchen Electrical Appliances as an Authorized Retailer of Azora. While servicing their clients, Atelier Concept went on to become the Exclusive Partner of Nippon Paint. It also netted a $1m turnover and won the Singapore Outstanding Entrepreneur Award in 2012 and the Building & Construction Excellence Award, a year later.

Early beginnings of Atelier Concept

With his Australian degree in Precision Engineering, Noel worked for NTU as a Lab Executive in Machining for five years researching on fabricated engineering parts not available in the market.   During this time, Victor who knew the trade from within from being employed in an IT firm for four to five years suggested that both go entrepreneurial in starting an interior design company. To gain the necessary knowledge and experience, Noel joined an ID firm for some nine months living on the commission.

In January 2012, he set up the company at Vertex in Ubi Avenue 3. Then, it was called Atelier Construction Engineering. “I worked until I was very tired,” said its founder who free-lanced for interior design jobs earning during the period under a thousand dollars. Six months later in July 2012, the other three partners joined him in setting up Atelier Concept. Simultaneously, to get clients, they started their regular nine-day Exhibitions at the Singapore Expo for nine times yearly. The first client, Noel’s friend, came from the Facebook with a project for renovating his HDB flat.

Winning Factors

“Our greatest achievement was to start off with nothing to now up-and-running, even setting up regular exhibitions to show-case how our company works!” said Noel. All this was possible, through various factors, especially teamwork, for our growing success. Plus patience, hard work, communication, understanding and creative conflict. “Teamwork is essential, especially in our trade,” emphasized Victor. “Atelier Concept’s success represents the success of our Team, for without them, there won’t be us.”

To gain supportive clients, projects had to be prioritized, services personalized and deadlines constantly met for gaining their confidence. With excellence, reliable and quality tailor-made services fulfilling clients’ needs and expectations, satisfied clients would refer Atelier to their friends. “Be assured that our team is co-operative, friendly, helpful and independent, self- motivated and self-driven,” said Noel.

Origin of name

A French word for workshop, in English, ‘Atelier’ describes a workshop of artists in fine or decorative arts, working together for producing art pieces. “We chose this word to depict our company culture of working as a team in our workshop, producing excellent, reliable and quality interior design,” said Noel.

Four Partners

Since mid-2013, the company has been under four Partners. These include the active Noel Tan, 33 and Victor Chua, 32, two schoolfriends from secondary one in Presbyterian High, managing the day-to-day affairs of the company, besides helping out as interior designers. Guiding them are Victor’s two Ex’s bosses, Jason Tan and Colin Tan. Although sleeping partners, they pass on their expertise to the two younger entrepreneurs in areas like admin and finance. This enables Atelier Concept to provide highly accreditable interior design services, initially in residential sectors like HDB flats, condos and other landed property.

Going entrepreneurial is fulfilling but challenging

Everyone dreams of being their own boss, but it’s not easy. For one thing, you need to be a jack-of-all-trades, knowledgeable in areas like manpower planning, skills, job allocation, clients’ demand and employee’s work benefits. Being on your own also means ensuring you complete everything on schedule, as you have been tasked to do. “All this means how you manage your company,” said Victor. Noel added. “For you sow what you reap. And the extent you bring up your company depends on your investment in time, effort, money and emotional commitment.”


Both Victor and Noel are working towards making Atelier Concept a serious player in the local market within the next five years. And ultimately a household name through excellence, reliability and quality interior design which it stands for. “This means getting better feedback from clients on our services and their expectations while keeping abreast of changing trends and personal self-improvement while pushing the company to greater heights,” said Noel.

More staff, not just interior designers, has to be brought in, including marketing and project managers for aggressively obtaining a bigger slice of the business, more than just through word-of-mouth, in commercial and industrial sectors, too. “Our on-going Exhibitions have also to be fine-tuned for attracting more clients and projecting our new image. All these are on our cards, including retaining loyal and talented staff by offering them better packages,” said Victor. “But we prefer not to rush, to take one thing at a time and expand slowly but steadily. And enjoy our entrepreneurial journey as we move ahead.”


“The best things in life don’t come without a struggle. You have got to work, to put in tremendous effort. And be FOCUSED,” said Victor. Noel added, “Nothing is worth having if we don’t fight for it. For what comes easily won’t last, and what lasts won’t come easily.”


Our Address:

#01-61 Oxley Bizhub, 65 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408729







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kee Posted on July 2017 July 12, 2017 9:17 am
Value For Money
Design (Applicable for Interior Designers)
Experience & Professionlism

I was introduced to Atelier and our designer, Roy by my close friend. When I first met Roy with my friend, I felt he is an easygoing, honest and professional person. I admired his honesty because I was afraid that ID companies would kept telling us how good and expert they are but often did not deliver on the end results. The renovation I wanted was budget and simple, in fact, I also had engaged a Fengshui master to help out the renovation to bringing better luck. Roy was very cooperative, and even remind me to discuss with the Fengshui master with each changes we made. In the middle of renovating his own house, Roy also did not fail to keep me update of my house (although a few times, I got impatient and SMS him). He constantly help me to save and keep to our budget; unlike some ID who might just offer homeowners everything under the sun. Near the ending of my renovation, he discovered that the toilet flushing system were not functioning, and he did not try to hide or ignore it. Although we have some delays, in the end he still he managed to get things completed. Now I have moved in, I’m very happy with the final results, and yes, I would recommend this interior designer. I have also recommended Atelier to some of my friends.

Overall I found the work done by Atelier was good and I am happy with the way the renovation turned out. It was a 2-way collaboration such that I told them my ideas I had and they suggested us designs accordingly. I really liked the design of the kitchen and the built-in wardrobes.

Our renovation turned out exactly are our designer promised. My kitchen sink was delayed for a few weeks due to out of production. I expected further delay the renovation process, but Roy was helpful in coordinating with the vendor and end up didn’t have to wait for another week.