Space Living Interior is a company which provides a complete range of services which provide all aspects of architecture, project management, interior design & space planning.

Our team of experienced designers are able to deliver creative and innovative design solutions, which are cost efficient, and contributes to the quality of the built environment.

We specialize on a variety of projects, which include residential & commercial. Our goal is to continuously achieve excellence & satisfaction to all home owners.


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10 Admiralty Street #05-65 North Link Building Singapore 757695

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lance_le Posted on January 2017 June 2, 2017 10:57 am
Value For Money
Design (Applicable for Interior Designers)
Experience & Professionlism

All home owners,

Do not engage Space living interor/ extract living

They belong to the same boss- wilson low

The quality, workmanship, attitude are not up to standard

Price is not cheap. Project managing skill is bad. Delivery is not up to standard.

Pushes the blame to owner and brush away issues

Wilson Low is defensive and push away responsibilities. He is just a project manager who wants to finish the project and collect payment.

he is unable to answer questions like measurement, timeline and he will start to be defensive and be rude.

He is unprofessional, when asked questions, he will push it away and direct the customers to his sub con.

Who needs such a contractor when he only appear to collect money?

Do not engage him no matter how cheap his quotes are. It’s not worth the effort to go through so much hassle yourself

Overall 1.5/10


No. workmanship is trash
Attitude and service is bad. Rude and defensive
He is only nicer when it’s time to collect payment, else he is vey rude all this time


No. the details are so course and unacceptable.
Wardrobe doors are not even straight


Totally below standard.
I have much better experience from contractor and Id even though I did not sign up with them. We don’t need such bad attitude person. Underserving to give him
The project. Service, workmanship and attitude. Nothing’s worth engaging him

Value For Money

Not value for money for such workmanship. Things are faulty before the project are handed ovee