What to do in a plumbing emergency


There are certain instances when you know without a doubt that you need to call a plumbing professional to your home to provide you with Singapore emergency plumber service, and there are other times when you are not quite sure that you need immediate service for your plumbing issue, or what to do in plumbing emergency. The first step to take is to determine if Singapore emergency plumber service is needed. Then, you will want to determine which plumbing company to contact for assistance.

A True Emergency
One of the key factors to consider before calling a plumber for assistance is if you need Singapore emergency plumber service. Not every plumbing company offers around-the-clock service. Therefore, if you do require Singapore emergency plumber service, you will find that only a handful of plumbing companies in the area will be able to assist you promptly. Many do not offer around-the-clock service and may make you wait until the following business day for assistance. A good rule of thumb to follow when determining if you need Singapore emergency plumber service is to determine if your home may be subject to damage if repairs are not made urgently. For example, a leaky pipe and a sewer backup issue are both issues that may require emergency repair issues. Another question to ask is if your ability to function in your home with basic life activities is impeded because of the issue. For example, if the repair issue required you to turn off the main water supply line to your home until help arrives, this may be considered to be a serious repair issue that requires prompt service. Another example may be if your only toilet in the home is clogged or backed up.

Who to Call
If it is determined that you need Singapore emergency plumber service in your home, you do want to look for a company that offers 24-hour repair service. Even if you call a company in the middle of the afternoon, there is a chance that all plumbers are busy that afternoon. If this is the case, the company may require you to wait until the following day for service if they do not provide you with 24-hour service. In addition, you also want to consider if you need to call a licensed plumber. In Singapore, licensing is required for service on pipes and fixtures that carry clean water, but it is not required for waste water features. Nonetheless, many homeowners may prefer to use the services of a company that has taken the extra step to obtain a license.

When You Call
When you call a company to schedule Singapore emergency plumber service, it is important that you clearly explain what your repair needs are. The person answering the phone should ask questions about your issue to help you determine if emergency service is needed. However, if you feel that your issue requires Singapore emergency plumber service but that the company is trying to schedule a standard appointment for you, you should be clear about your desire to have urgent service. In some cases, extra communication about your specific needs can be helpful in ensuring that you receive the level of service that you desire.

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What to do in a plumbing emergency