Built-in Wardrobes Carpentry

Built-in wardrobes in a bedroom play a critical role in the design and feel of the space. Our carpenter service, based in Singapore, specialize in building and constructing build-in wardrobes with full attention to details. We insist on the highest quality and finishing of the wardrobe as they are what defines the beauty of the end product.

The use of built-in wardrobe designs is one of the best ways of utilizing space available in the bedroom as they can be designed and constructed in various sizes and shapes. Variety in terms of the material, color help add a touch of uniqueness to it. Modern wardrobes today are both stylish and functional, working in tandem with the rest of the cabinetry and overall theme of the room.

Walk-in wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is a luxury to many homeowners in Singapore. While space can often be a constraint, there is usually room to use some creative partitioning to carve out the space for it. We provide construction of walk-in wardrobes which provide a extension to your bedroom. Walk-in wardrobes also help to create a functional space filled with mirrors, shelving, all with a degree of privacy.

Singapore Carpentry Built-in Wardrobes

Singapore Direct Factory Carpentry Estimate
Wardrobe with casement doors from $210 per foot run.
Wardrobe with normal sliding doors from $230 per foot run.
Wardrobe with soft-closing sliding aluminium glass doors from $250 per foot run.