We specialise in the design and construction of all kinds of kitchen cabinets to fit your preferred style. We have vast experience in the customisation of cabinets to fit your kitchen theme, as well as various surfaces to suit your cooking and dining needs. From a surround kitchen cabinet which maximises the cooking area and efficiency of retrieval, to the modern kitchen island concept which captures the attention, we are able to construct and deliver carpentry works of the highest quality.

Integrating with appliances

Designing your kitchen cabinets will require you to do that after you have decided on the appliances you are going to have in your kitchen, typically your preparation area, stove, refrigerator and a sink. However, the layout has to be carefully planned as it is not ideal to have your stove next to your refrigerator. At the same time, access needs to be clear to the essential services.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island has the benefit of becoming the ‘heart’ of a kitchen, the heartbeat where daily activities and social interactions take place. When designing a kitchen island, care has to be taken not to impede the route between the essential services. Another possibility that a kitchen island offers is to contain the stove.


Countertops are needed in every kitchen for the purpose of preparing food as well as providing table space for electrical appliances such as coffeemakers and microwaves. They can also provide an extra eating space in the form of a bartop that is popularised in modern kitchen design. The underside can be be open or cabinets built below for extra storage.

Estimate Kitchen top hung cabinet with casement doors to ceiling from $105 per foot run. Kitchen bottom cabinet with casement doors + drawers from $105 per foot run. Full height kitchen cabinet from $250 per foot run.

To equip your kitchen with affordable, functional and durable kitchen cabinets will always be our ultimate goal and ethical obligation.

Regardless of size, this unique space – the kitchen is the nerve center of a home.  Virtually, it’s an area associated with health, food, hygiene, moist and heat. Many believe to achieve quality and durability, handmade cabinet’s standout from all. With no doubt this is certainly true, in particular, this ethos is compulsory for kitchen cabinets. At Renovation Review, Carpentry is our knowledge, proficiency, and duty, using quality materials coupled up with our traditional carpentry methods and machinery, all of our kitchen cabinets are hand tailored ready to match any apartment and style. As a manufacturer of custom furniture, our carpenters work directly with consumers, turning an essential impression and necessity of a kitchen into a lasting reality yet at an affordable rate.